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My 86 Le Baron Mark Cross Special Convertable is torn down to rebuild the 2.2L. After talking with Cindy at FWD I now have a polished-ported exhaust manafold, a stage II computer, new injectors and TII rods. There will be all new internal engine parts including TRW Power pistons. The motor will be balanced and the valves polished and 'Powerz Grooved'.

Other modifications will be:
- FWD motor mounts
- 180 thermostat
- 2.5" max flow mandrel bent exhaust, converter, muffler
- Turbonetics 2.5" Swingvalve
- Aircraft fitting turbo oil line

I just found some information on the Garret Variable Nozzle Turbo and it sounds like the ideal upgrade for this project. Has anyone out there done this? My existing 2.2L TI Turbo is not intercooled. Will I have to set up an intercooler system to run the VNT-25? Any comments or reccomendations will be very much appreciated becuase we are putting this 2.2 back together right now!

I'm not trying to build a radical street racer, but a fast fun daily driver.

Thanks for all the information contributed to this great TurboDodge forum!
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