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Glad to hear your GLHS is back running properly. Now if this is the only thing that previous owners and mechanics have screwed up, count your blessings!
Seemed like to me you have your choice of $125 clutch and pressure plate assemblies, or stepping up to $375-$450 clutch assemblies from one of our two main vendors. Doesn't seem to much in between.
On the cheap end the LUK 05-044 is like a stock replacement. Maybe a slight upgrade as I think the disk is 232mm instead of 228mm. That part # may have been superseded a couple times. I remember seeing one on Ebay a short while ago. If your planning future performance upgrades or plan on putting a far stickier tire on it, I'd suggest upgrading to one of the SPEC, or TU's clutches. I've also had good luck with Clutchnet clutches. General consensus is their disks are great but their pressure plates are nothing special. I have had zero luck with any Kevlar disks. The 3/4/6/ puck disks will be much more grabby than a stock organic disk, keep that in mind when making a clutch choice. It is very subjective as to what is tolerable and what is not for a street vehicle.
I already put on some sticky BRIDGESTONE 205/50R15 POTENZA RE-71RS. It's funny clutch did not slip and felt good until we upgraded boost and had sticky tires. Definitely will be upgrading the clutch with one of the vendors.
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