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Hows it going everyone, I'm a little late to the game here on the forums. So I don't know how much to expect here, but I'm after about 6 years of talking about it I'm finally starting my full srt4 swap on my horizon.
I have a ton of questions on the process since I've only found one thread on here that still has actual pictures that photobucket hasn't eaten.
First being the rear brake set up and why no one that I've seen has done both front and rear srt4 brakes. Second question is more just a curiosity, how much of a pain is it going to be to try and Frankenstein the a/c system to work once I drop my 2.4 in it?
Anyways ill figure out pictures and all after work tonight thanks in advance and I hope its an entertaining build for everyone. I'm shooting for an 11 second daily driver. But until I get a full srt4 to cannibalize I'm restoring interior and fixing some dents and painting.
Stay tuned..
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