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I just bought a house and can no longer afford my toys. The car does have a crack in the windshield. The car was garaged in the winters so the rust is at a minimum. I live in the Cleveland area if anyone would like to come see it. Just call me at 440-622-4071. I can send pics if you want. My email is [email protected]

1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z
Has “T” tops
Seattle Washington car
Rust free
17x8 race wheels 12lbs. each
Eibach 1” lowering kit
KYB gas adjustable shocks in the rear
Bilstien struts
6 point S&W roll cage
Neoprene race seats
30lb auto meter boost gauge
Auto meter water temp. Gauge
4 point race harness
Interior stripped out for weight reduction
Tinted windows
Spearco front mount intercooler flows 1500 cfm with 1psi boost drop
T3/T4 turbonetics turbo
Delta gate external waste gate
3” exhaust all the way out the back
Ported exhaust manifold
Ported 2 piece intake manifold
+40 injectors
255 liters per hour fuel pump
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Excel super coil
Taylor 8mm plug wires
Fidanza adjustable cam gear
89 roller cam
Oversized valves
High rpm lifters
Hardened springs
Titanium retainers
3 angle valve job
Cometic head gasket
Wiseco .040 over forged piston kit with xx ring package
8:1 compression
Shot peened forged rods
Forged crank
About 20,000 miles on new motor
About 20,000 miles on rebuilt getrag a555 transmission
Fidanza aluminum flywheel
Clutch master race clutch
New motor mounts
New griffen radiator
New radiator fan that blows 2500 cfm
New alternator
New starter
No power steering
I just put a new adjustable fuel pressure regulator on it so the car needs tuned up.
Asking $2500
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