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I just put this engine back together and into my 87 Shelby Lancer. My SnapOn diagnostic computer claims it has a Code 42 ASD Relay Not Working. Which makes sense since it won't start and has no fuel pressure.

My question is now what? As I recall the ASD relay is part of the Power Module in 1987 and is not replaceable?

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Yes, in 87 the ASD Relay is internal to the PM and is actuated by the LM.

If you are receiving a Code 42 it is probably due to a lost controller power feed or ground.

Since you had the engine out the first thing to check would be the main controller ground from the firewall to fuel rail/manifold.
Is it connected, connected on a clean surface and tightened properly?

If yes you will need to use a digital multi-meter to check all controller power feeds and grounds.

PM 10 Pin Connector
Cavity #2 Power In From Ignition Switch
Cavity #3 Power Out to LM Red Connector Cavity's 7 and 8
Cavity #4 Power In From Battery through a Fusible Link
Cavities 9 and 10 - Ground

PM 12 Pin Connector
Cavity #6 Power Out to LM

LM Red Connector
Cavities #7 and 8 Power In From PM 10 Pin Cavity #3.
Cavity #24 Ground

LM Blue Connector
Cavity #2 Power In From PM 12 Pin Cavity #6
Cavities #7 and 8 Ground
Cavity #22 Power In From PM 12 Pin Cavity #6

ELECTRICAL- Main Controller Ground 84-89.jpg

Engine Compartment Front-2011.jpg

85-87 PM 10 Pin.jpg

85-87 PM 12 Pin.jpg

85-87 LM Turbo Red.jpg

85-87 LM Turbo Blue.jpg
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