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I posted this a while ago, and tried to find the old posting...so here I am again with a couple of extra things.

the Shelby car has a newer head and the next gen intake/injectors on it. The t-top key is there too. My budy and I picked it up and had trouble getting it running the last time I had it listed. After 2-300 dollars it's running real good and ready for people to seriously look at it. It's been in storage for a LONG time...needs brakes all around and the floor under the drivers side rear seat is tough. It's in Kitchener and we'll need $800 for it now.

I also have a turbo setup from a late 80's or very early 90's Shadow. By set up I mean the turbo/manifold/TPI with throttle body and the PCM. The turbo has no end play and "looks" good to my untrained eye. I got it to turbo my 2.5ltr Dakota. Dak's gone and this turbo is still here LOL Not sure what a good/fair price would be, so let's see what people are offering.

I also have a bunch of 90 Daytona parts in the parts section.

Please email me directly at [email protected]


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