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87 T1 Parts Going Cheap

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Just parted out my 87 LeBaron GTS and I have but a few parts left:

Accel Super Stock coil,/#8140/ slightly used, maybe 200 miles
Brand new 3-wire 02 sensor, in box, Bosch#13190
Brand new timing belt, in box, NAPA #250071
T1 fuel rail, good shape w/ injectors and a spare with new seals, all wiring inc.
New Dayco power steering belt, #5040410
Distributor cap, rotor, Bosch Ultra wires, used, maybe 200 miles
used MAP sensor
87 T1 computer(in pass. side kick panel)

Looking to get $50.00 for the whole box. It's a steal!!!!
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Make Offer

Price negotiable, just need to get rid of these parts, don't want em hanging around anymore. Car is gone and they're a sad memory of what was. My loss could be your great deal!!! Make offer.
are these for a 2.2 turbo? i am curious if they will fit on either one of my 86 turbo z s ill shoot you an offer
They are for Turbo, and everything will fit your 86. Check and see how many wires you have on your O2 sensor, I have a brand new 3-wire one in the Bosch box. Third wire is for pre-heater.
As a matter of fact, when I get parts, I buy them for the Daytonas cause they're all the same under the hood.
did u get my pm?
had to run to nebraska will work out details when i get back late sun night thanks
did u get my pm ? are the parts available still please let me know
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