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87 t2 conversion no start

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Here's what I've got: 87 LeBaron coupe; originally t1 auto; switched to 555, ran good for 3 days, blew the turbo; transplanted an 88 Shelby head, turbo, manifolds, stock air box & ducts, power & logic modules, stock intercooler & rad. Has temporary flexible exhaust. No start. Will backfire ~every 10 seconds during cranking. Spark plug wires are OK. Did have to change spark plugs, as none of the original plugs in junkyard head would fire?!? All spark plugs now fire & all injectors work. Has known good HEP. Only codes thrown are 23: charge temperature sensor circuit. Any ideas?

Thanks guys
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check your timing, and I dont think you should be using a t2 computer but maybe someone else can chime in
Though unlikely, but it sounds like two spark plug wires are reversed.

Sounds like what happened to me...check your injectors AGAIN. It sounds like only one is firing, hence the backfire every ten seconds. Check the wiring harness, bench test the injectors with 12 volts and a ground, you should hear them click. Swap in a new/different set if have them.
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