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So I have an 85 omni with an 87 engine running on the oem 85 t1 electronics. I have been having steady problems with the electronics since the motor swap. (completly stock) I am ready to pull all the electronics and start fresh. I am going to upgrade to the 87 t2 electronics. I have a pretty good idea on what i need but I'm a measure twice kinda guy. So any advise I can collect would be great. I believe this is a fairly common swap or at least desirable for many. This is what I know so far, not saying I am certain on any of it. Like I said I greatly appreciate any and all input.

T2 single piece intake, from 87
T2 turbo with 2.5" swing valve (big can), from 89 best year?
T2 underhood harness and P.M. and L.M. from 87 T2. Will an 87 CSX work, or does it have to be from an 87 GLHS?
Intercooler. No idea what fits. I may also want to do A/C because I just moved to the Florida Keys and this will be a daily driver so it needs to work with a condensor.

Thanks Much

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The GLH has a 40 pin bulkhead connector where the other bodies have a 50 pin and the CSX has no bulkhead connector. The 87 Lbodies GLHS, ShelbyChargers etc use 86 electronics. Your easiest bet and what I did on my 85 GLH was to remove the pins and move them around where they needed to go to run the 87 Logic Mod in the kick panel, then add the 4 missing wires. PM's are the same between the turbo cars from 85-87. Donovan's Dodge Garage has more info on the T2 swap.

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no, my 87 G-body harness has a 40 pin bulkhead connector which plug-n-played right into my 86 Omni.. so pretty much any 86-87 TI or TII harness should work fine, altho if you star with a TI harness you will have to add 2 wires for the AIS (simple) ; I dont think ChryCo went to a 50 pin bulkhead until 88

get any 87 LM, unsolder the chip and put a ZIF socket in it, then get a TII cal for it. the only real difference between a GLHS LM and all the others is the 'S' LM has a LM mounted MAP while the rest have an underhood MAP

LMK if I can help.. I am running a very similar setup on my 86 omni, and did a lot of electronic work on it to make the TII conversion; actually I am selling my underhood harness since I am converting to SMEC; PM me if interested
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