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Well I hate to do it but must sell it. I've had #709 for about 9 years I think and it's been wonderful. When the head gasket went out I started a full throttle clean up and upgrade on the car. With my current job and family requirements this may never get finished. I'd like to see someone put this together and have fun. Below is a picture of the body at the body shop. As with all the others, it had a delamination problem. I stripped it down and had it painted. This included a new windshield and although not planned, a new rear window as the body shop broke it removing it. I HATE overspray on anything so it all came off. Below are some misc pics...




The car is still in unassembled form but everything is segregated and labeled to it's location. The original dash plaque, door label and emblems are with the car. I also have a complete decal kit. The original wheels are on it with center caps and brand new Bridgestone Potenza SO-3 tires w/ 225-50R15 rubber. It rides on new Koni adjustables with Eibach springs and poly bushings on the front. A 1-1/4" sway bar is included. Mechanically I have a NEW (from Chrysler) 2.5 common block with the balance shafts removed and ARP rod bolts. The head is stock. The turbo is a T-II from Gary Donovan with the 3" dump. Also have the stainless turbo lines. Some other items provided from Donovan are injectors, new regulator and a dual core front mount intercooler made from two standard Turbo Dodge cores, a trans end plate, modified baffle oil pan, high volume oil pump and a "stage II clutch". Interior wise the vehicle is stock but I do have a new carpet kit with floor mats and the headliner fabric was replaced. Seats and door panels are in good condition with no tears. Stereo is stock CD/Cassette out of a later model. The only thing missing is the spare tire and jack. Please e-mail with questions or if you would like to come see the vehicle.

I'd like to get $2900 for eveything and could help transport the vehicle and or parts within a few hours of Atlanta. If I can't sell it whole I will begin to part it out. Everything is here to make a beautiful, fast and reliable car. I just can't get the time or resources to finish.

I'll also consider partial/full trades for other materials or services. I could use some trees cleared from my property and/or the windows replaced at my house. I do like electronics so if you have a teaser item I may be interested feel free to offer it up. If you want any specific pictures please ask and I'll either e-mail them or post them in the thread.



-edit- I forgot to add that I did make one change on the body. I did have the frame around the side windows removed and the studs removed and bought the 89 and later style window trim. It give a MUCH cleaner appearance. I also have new window runs.

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Also considering offers for the rolling body

If I get a decent offer on the body I'll let it go separate then part out the rest. Body will include the Koni's/Eibachs, wheels and tires as mentioned.

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Sorry for not getting back to some of you but I never checked my PM's... I'm waiting on a response from a couple of people but basically it is going to get parted out. I'll start with some larger items first...

All items are available for pickup or can arrange shipping at actual cost to ship except the body.

The body. Basically the shell with windshield, rear window, dash, k-member, rack, doors and hood. Side windows, trim, suspension, engine and pretty much everything removed. Painted and ready to assemble or swap your parts into. Offers

Koni adjustable struts with Eibach Pro-Kit springs and new upper strut bearings assembled and ready to install. $700

Set of Lemans wheels.Two left and two right with centercaps (non original) with essentially brand new Bridgestone Potenza SO-3 size 222-50ZR15 tires. $500

Brand new from Chrysler 2.5 common block motor (no head) with ARP rod bolts and head studs with Baffled oil pan and high volume oil pump from Donovan. Never installed. $1100

A-520 trans with about 5,000 miles since overhaul. Was working great. Offers.

Complete upper and lower body decal kit. Offers

Shelby Valve cover $250

+30 injectors $100 (maybe +40. I'll double check)

Stainless turbo line kit $75

1.25" front sway bar with mounts and bushings. Never installed $150

3-bar map $50

Accufab adjustable FPR $100

Stainless brake line kit $100

Rear disc brake assembly. (calipers, rotors/drum, spindles) $200

Dash bezel with Thrifty logo #709 $50

Shelby steering wheel with button and adapter plate (cracked leather as always) $100

Rear Shelby trunk emblem $50

Front mount IC made from two Daytona intercooler cores from Donovan. $300

Complete engine wiring harness $75

Front grill $100

Front or rear bumper cover $50 each.

Side ground effects $100

Inquire about misc items that you may need. Seats, mirrors, trim, latches, etc... Please e-mail with questions or if you want specific pictures. csxparts(at)shelbysport.com
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