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I am selling a 1988 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z with approximately 130,xxx miles on it. It is a turbo intercooled 5 speed. It is a white with maroon interior. The exterior has an old repaint that still shines but has various nicks in the paint. The car has no rust that I have been able to find. The undercarriage is very solid, even the common spot for these cars is rust free. The car is originally from Tennessee. The interior is in okay shape it is dirty but nothing unexpected from a 20 year old car. Three of tires on the car have less than 5000 miles on them the fourth is unmatched but has very similar tread left. The fourth new tire is on a matching rim that is junk with uneven tread wear but only has 450 miles on it. Over all the body is in good shape but to be perfect will need paint, it does need a new drivers side mirror, walking by the car in the garage I broke it, I am looking for one.
The engine runs very well. I just finished replacing the bearings in the bottom end (rod, main, and intermediate shaft), the frost plugs, and the oil pump. While I was at it I had the crank polished. The bores looked extremely clean so I didn’t mess with the pistons (they have forged rods). Putting the engine back together I used new a head gasket, head bolts, thermostat and gasket, valve cover gasket, water pump, and probably more that I am forgetting. The battery is new along with the plugs, cap, rotor, and alternator belt.
The follow are less than 500 miles old: 3 inch exhaust from the 2 ½ inch down pipe with a cat to the back exiting out the side in front of the rear driver side tire, Heavy duty unequal length CV shaft (extremely thick), Autometer Boost and AF gauges (not hooked up), and clutch and pressure plate.
The trans is an A523 out of a 91 Daytona so it has Reverse in the for right bottom corner. The turbo spins freely and boosts really well. Shifting in the power band, the car seams to really like it. It has a factory intercooler as well.

With the car I am throwing in my Turbo Dodge parts. They are listed below:
88 turbo II engine that needs two new rods and the crank turned (it spun a rod)
Head with documentation of being rebuilt that has a T1 performance cam with it
set of 4 16 Shelby pumper wheels with older tires mounted with all center caps
Front Struts off of an 88 Shelby Z
An extra engine wiring harness with a computer from an 87
An extra exhaust manifold or two
Body moldings from an 89 Shelby Daytona except the front end.
Tons of extra motor mounts and hardware
87 Dodge Factory Service Manual Set
And I am sure there is a lot more I cannot think of

I would like $2500.00 or best offer for everything. This is more than a fair price for a rust free car with virtually rebuilt bottom end. I am only selling this car because I have a classic Mopar that needs restoring and the wife wants to park in the garage.

Please go to the following link for more pictures:
Flickr: Photos from ncivic99

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Re: 88 Shelby Z Daytona in MN $2152

I am willing to separate the parts and the car.

I would like $2150 or best offer for the car

Give me an offer on the parts.

I could work out a delivery to areas off of 90/94 between Minneapolis and Kalamazoo MI sometime in May. This includes the car. If delivery was included price would be pretty firm on the car.
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