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88 sundance - turbo III gene splice

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here is what i am planning, 88 sundance automatic is now a turbo 2 intercooled mild head work 90 vnt short block, converting it to turbo 3 auto and keep the dis ignition, and stock sbec and wirring, dont want to buy any computers or hang a distributor on a cam,the wife cant drive a standard and i want to keep my a/c.
who has installed this engine in an older car? I have already asked about the auto thing a few of you had some ideas, but some contacts e mail addresses would help, this is my daily driver so im keeping it mostly stock the engine has come up and i have made up my mind to jump on it before i miss out .
any input would be appreciated .
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if you are going to keep it basically stock, just leave the 8v in. you probably are making close to the stock r/t horsepower right now with the mods you have. in addition to this, the 8v's are much easier on the wallet. the parts availabilty for the 16v are also becoming an issue. chryco deleting many of the parts.

if you want to put it in, you will have to go to the dist. on the ex cam. there is no room for it in the "stock" location(intake manifold in the way) and the tIII dist gear turns at a different(pulley) rate anyway. or you can swap the electronics in, but than you will have the problem with the stock cal. there was never one made for the auto trans. i have heard of people trying to drill into the auto trans to install a crank sensor. so far this method has seen less than steller results.

ideal situation is to use the dist off the exhaust cam. definatly the easiest way to go if you want to run the auto trans and stock electronics.
If you want 16v how about the neon conversion? Wouldn't that be easier for what you are starting with?
that would be the best idea, since the parts are cheaper and easier to come by.
But the neon hybrid is by no means a bolt on. There is a lot of fabrication that goes into it. It will get easier as more people document what they have done, and more people find out what works well and what doesn't. Also...FWD performance looks to be going in the direction of making more of the custom parts for the swap, and this will help things out considerably.
I could do the neon doch swap but i would loose my a/c and it would cost way too much to do it right, and as far as the cal for auto i am using a standard trans computer now a tII from a daytona works fine! from what i understand using an auto in a std will not work so good (stall between shifts I m told) i got the whole car to draw parts from and i am a chrysler auto wrecker so i have a vast supply of diferent year parts to compare and swap, you should see the sundance parts from all different years and models not supposed to fit but they do, saw on here someone that has done the swap in an 88 shadow i would like to talk to him on it , and if i do have to go to a distributor any one know the best way to do it
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