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In the last months I started to give some love to my old Caravan, It has around 160,000Km (not sure because I changed the cluster without taking note of the diference), I have changed a lot of small old parts for new ones and fixed some mess with the vacuum lines, and I think one of the lines was altering the MAP sensor that is connected with baro and the baro ambient source was altered with booster vacuum (hell!).

Since that day I started to feel like the car have less power, normally it could easily burn tires with just a touch of the throttle, but then it couldn't with the same ease. I thought it was because of the changes to the sensor to connect them in the right way, and the car was feeling a little bit more economic in fuel consumption.

But yesterday I felt a transmission slipping or something like that because the car was reving with little gain in speed or acceleration. That really concerned me, and checked the transmission fluid level, but it was OK.

I started to recall things, the speedometer was working erratically, since I tightened it the last week (the same day I changed some cracked power steering lines cleaned the pump, changed all the belts, and tightened a lot of loose bolts under the car), but none of that should cause the transmission problem.

I was feeling a progressive degradation in the preformance of the car and I'm afraid that I would need to rebuild the tranny or something like that.

Maybe I will need to post a video to show the car behavior.
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