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well, I need to get back into school, and its the car or the truck and the truck makes me money so sad day. Im gunna very honest because that what i would expect from others. I have more pics of the car just email me for them

Andrew Rademacher
Vancouver wa
[email protected]

Ok, well its an 89 Dodge daytona Es 2.5 turbo 5 speed orig. had a 555 trans has been swapped for a 568 out of a spirit RT. trans is great engine runs great fresh alinement and have replaced may parts needed or not as i did work. heres the list of what i have done. (have recepts for everything)

engine: 2.5 Turbo 150k on it parts are within the last 5K

New waterpump
new belts including timing
new alt.
new coil
new starter
TU performance head with oversize valves ported
TU ported Intake man (specialty)
TU ported exhuast man
new sensors head up
TU oil coolent lines (still has stock mitzu turbo though)
TU vacume block
powedercoaded intake and valve cover as well as some other parts

not sure about the stock turbos shape

Trans: 568 118k on it now parts are within the last 5k

New shift cables
new clutch cable
new kevlar street and strip clutch (TU) (chatters quite a bit but grabs hard)
new drivers side shaft (have new half shaft for passenger but have long shaft there now)
new seals
came from a car with 113k on it

Body: Black with grey ground fx (20ft looker)

drivers fender has bondo but only small spot where you can tell
some scratches not perfect
sunroof leaks alittle
headlights dont go down havent taken the time to fix it yet
100 watt bulbs in the fog lights with new wiring to avoid frying stock wiring.
Needs breaks due to many trips to seattle with sudden stops
has 16'' AR estrella 95 series rims
recent alignment
needs windshield

Interior Grey with pw, pl, pm, sunroof...

has the brushed alm. insert in the guage cluster looks damn good i think
carpet is alittle stained but its been used.
seats out of a lower mileage car very comfertable
pioneer am\fm\cd with pioneer speakers
needs headliner
if i dont get the chance before purchase needs the passenger window checked out doesnt want to go up but goes down fine.
speedo started jumping around awhile ago need to clean up the sensor see if that fixes it.

all in all this is a great car. this is my baby and I really dont want to see her go. Ill keep spending my school money on her if i keep it. i have over $3,500 into this car and am offering her up for way less than that.

asking price is $2300 open to non insulting offers. i can deliver it to within 300 miles of vancouver washington usa. i love this thing want to see it go to a good home.

and on a side note i do have many pictures but cant figure out how to get them on here sense i dont have a host for them. email or pm me for as many pics as you would want. thanks for looking
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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