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89 Daytona Shelby-injector harness needed

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Known good, or checked on DMM if unknown. Post or PM me ASAP!!
lots of talkers on another site, but no harnesses have been produced
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I still have one with the injectors set still on it if you want it. yours takes the old style connector right?
I'll dig it out of the box after work and make sure the injector plugs are not corroded before I say it's for sale since it has been sitting in a box for years.
Is yours a 5 pin or 6 pin connector?
hey Dennis, when I bought yours someone else gave me another one shortly after so now I have a spare to sell if his connector is that old looking one.
sounds good to me sounds like he may need yours ASAP (over nite).

walking down right now to check harness pins, and go to store for allergy meds (yay). be back in 25 or less..
okay, it's a 6 pinslot style with 6 wires on main side/ 8 on inj side (two paired together)
sorry for the delay John I was out all day.
this is the one CBMDennis sold me I didn't need to use ( with the rail and injectors I never needed ).

if that is it pm me and lets make it happen.
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It worked great when I pulled from my car
john1320 if i would you I would jump on amimbari cable.
john1320 Did you get the harness from above, or are you just wanting the harness by it's self.

he didnt pm me yet, but I'm sure he will today sometime.
PM sent yikes
Yes indeed lol! I went through hell then gave up after USPOS blew me off saying the last harness was delivered.
I never got to put my hands on it. :bang head Had to wait for another opportunity to buy, so sorry for no update as life got crappy for a bit..
PM received! yaay
payment pending to amimbari :dancing:
ya I'll bring it to work tomorrow and box it up. :thumb:
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