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89 Daytona Shelby vs. Porsche 944KAT Comparision

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So much fun yesterday. A friend and I finally got to meet up with our cars after more then a year of planning. We talked a lot about our two very different and very similiar vehicles and never got the chance to compare them in the flesh. Yesterday it finally worked out. We met in the middle of Germany to compare my #Dodge #Daytona #Shelby to the vehicle that it was created to beat on the US road & track. The front Engine, transaxle Porsche! Here is the middle of the series of 924, 944, 968. A 944KAT.
I got a chance to drive both after each other and here are my findings on the two totally stock cars.
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1. As FWD Shelby vs. RWD Porsche, first wants to go straight by default, second wants to corner.
The Porsche feel more settled on the road and grippier. Much better suspension and better weight distribution do the trick. The Daytona is no slouch in corners. Very small actual difference though.
Both are easy to drive on winding German secondary roads.
2. 2.2 Intercooled Turbo at 177 HP in the Shelby vs. 2.5 NA 163 HP in the #944 Kat are pretty close in acceleration but the Shelby has the edge. While the Porsche has more oophm from the bottom the ICTB of the Shelby is a alot of fun with its huge turbo lag and whining sound. (Loving our cars and being lawful Germans we did neither max out nor race the cars against each other. )
3. The interior is much more flexible and spacious in the Shelby. Especially rear seats and trunk. The Porsche fits like a very tight but nice glove for my 6 foot 4. Travelling with 4 people and luggage is possible in the Daytona. No chance to take more then 2 grown ups and 2 small kids for a weekend in the Porsche.
4. What else? Of course even 30 years old both cars still drive pretty modern. The Porsche of has better build quality but the Daytona is not bad either. Both cars were equally well maintained. I got mine done roadworthy and registerd to a historic plate last year the Porsche was just back from a paint renewal (that why the door grip ist missing.
5. Verdict: I am am very happy I bought the Daytona many years ago and would not trade it for the Porsche. Even while it latter is twice the value. As a German I am pretty impressed how far the Shelby version actually went into getting an equal footing with the Porsche at a lot less money.
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Very funny. I have 2 friends both with a 1985-1986 Porsche N/A Porsche 944s. They think they’ve got the upper hand, and by just basic stats of the cars, the Porsche wins by weight and 0-60, etc. that’s what I’ve gotta beat. I’ve got a T1 turbo Z and while slightly behind the 944 I think with a little modification I can win, at least in a drag. I still have to get an Intercooler etc, and hopefully mess with other stuff to get more power. Honestly I’m going for maybe 165-170ish.
I can totally see we’re they are coming from. The 944 KAT has 27 less HP then 944 S being not a 16V. My IC Turbo 2 has a bit more oopmf then a non intercooled. Love the money for value aspect of the dodge. Used to have a Prelude 2.0 i16 with 140 HP stock. Other then in the US they were quite rare in Germany and gave many expensive German cars a run for the money.
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