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Well its time for new struts/shocks on the Daytona now i would have just gone down and gotten some Monroe sensitrack but it seems they are not carried anymore were i live :(

This brings me to the next question how much of a benefit would i get from going to a stiffer setup?

The car IS my daily driver (for another couple months) then i will be swapping in the new motor which should put it at the 320-380HP WHP mark. It will remain my daily driver, though will also start making frequent trips to the track :). now i know the Shelbys have great suspention and all, i have found KYB GR2's on the internet that i can get for a decent price (250 for fronts + backs) i havent been able to find to much on the KYB's review wise, and personally have not had any experiance with them. Also does Carerra make suspention for our cars?

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