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89 Shelby throwout bearing?

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Did shelby use a non oem throwout bearing on the 89 Shelby CSX-VNT mine is making noise and iam in the process of removing the trans,slow going because iam disabled, any help would be great, thanks!
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all Pre-90 cars used the same TOB, in 91 plus they switched to a larger one that doesn't retrofit. Oh yeah if you're going to buy a new one from the dealer you have to ask for a "release bearing"
Thanks iam new to fwd cars and havent pulled a trany in 25yrs !! I will take note of the name change,thanks for informing me !!! We have 4 dodge shadows in my house, two 5spds and two auto's, two are turbo's a T1 and the shelby a T2. all the info i have read dosent talk about the clutch package, the clutch is fine just the noisy release bearing, Thanks again.
If you are changing the TOB, might as well replace the clutch rather than have to do it again in a couple years.
Yeah iam going to !! this is alot of work and ill do it once but not again,my kids got me back into cars through their energy,now all i got to do is get them to help me more !!! Thanks !!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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