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Let me start off with telling you my price is steep for this car. I have seen way better examples sit on here for cheaper and I dont think anybody will bite. But I am going to try
What I have is an 89 GTC convertible. It is a t1 automatic(I WISH IT WAS A T2 5 speed). It has approximately 100,000 miles. When I got the car, it was in rough shape! But I have perservered and made it a rather decent car
The good:
the motor has 30,000 miles on it
no leaks
has the nice 16 inch wheels in good condition and 11" brakes (that work FANTASTIC)
New or used parts that have been replaced in the last 50 miles!
Good used alternator
Good used rear tires (awesome tread left)
Good used top!
Good used rear bumper cover(the other one had a hole in it)
Good used passenger side fender(the left side is getting replaced soon)
Good used headlight motor
Good used top motor
New alternator belt
New Fuel filter
NOT RUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Car runs good and drives straight down the road. All power options work(except has no A/C but at the buyers request I have all the A/C stuff and can charge it with r12 *liquid gold*) Car boost excellent and the top goes up and down AWESOME!
Bad: The passenger side quarter near the door has a little dent in it and the rocker below it also has a good sized dent. IT NEEDS PAINT! The rear window has come unmated to the top but I can take care of that
Car needs a tune up cause it has a slight miss.
Has piston slap and can get quite annoying
Stock boost gauge doesn't work
The interior is probably a 6/10 but I have a woodgrain kit that hopefully coming soon (I have thoroughly cleaned the interior *gutted it totally out to clean it*)
Needs front tires
Another top motor
Another headlight motor
a good core t1 mitsu
an 88 conquest intercooler
a faze boost gauge and narrow band airfuel gauge (have cheapo a pillar pod to come with not installed)
Have many other things to mention but just want to get this out
If yall are interested in pics I have MANY! Also have pics of most of the work I have done to the car! Have a parts car for any little things the car needs!
You can pm me on here or email me at [email protected]
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