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'89 T2 Shelby Daytona Stock Cumputer :]

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looking for a stock '89 computer for t2 daytona shelby....cheeep cheeep
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I have an SMEC for a 1988 2.2 TII 5spd.

I believe on thedodgegarage.com it mentions if it will work on an 89 or not. I think it does. Check it out.
Asking 65us shipped.
Yeah i checked on FWDperformance and the 88/89 cals are all listed together. As long as your car is also a 5spd it will work. Let me know if your still interested?
Una said:
Shipping from Canada to Canada and your asking for US $$.. Interesting. :)
I did that because if the thread starter doesnt accept the offer, and someone else from US is interested they wont chime in and ask how much to 93820....

This way the next poster wont make his sale when im busy making 5 different shipping quotes... :rolleyes:
Dont worry its already sold.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts