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89 turbo a413 for sale 50$

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i was planning a auto swap, now it has to go.
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is the tranny good? if i soo consider me 1st that wants it~!!!thanks mike
the tranny should be good. i was gonna rebuilt it, i pulled the planitary out and it had all new seals, so i zipped it back up. the front pump seal was blue, and the brass bushing looked brand new, so i figured someone was just through it.ya j&h, i told you i would have taken the 200$. just kidding, i sold my house and im going from a 4 stall, to 2 stall and my wife thinks shes gonna park in there so i got to cut inventory. its got to go by next friday.
trans is sold to my battle creek playas. sorry mike, i pm'd ya.
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