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Static fuel pressure (at 0 atmospheric pressure) si around 55. Subtract 1 psi for every 2in/hg of vaccum. On the assumption this is a healthy motor, 17-20 in/hg vacuum sould be present at idle, which brings your fuel pressure to 46 ish.

Before checking anything else, be sure your vacuum lines are all secure, and uncracked. If you have a cracked line, that can cause idle issues, fuel consumption, poor driveability, and hard starting.

You could have a weak fuel pump, FPR, or fuel filter. If the filter was replaced, that eliminates that from the equation. The FPR should hold pressure steady, if it is bouncing all over the place it could need replaced. Also check the fuel lines, if they are old, they could have degraded internally and be restricting flow. If you are cautious and the hard fuel lines look in good shape, you can usually blow them out with an air compressor.

Right now it could be a muititude of things, but at least you have it running.
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