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90 voyager turbo head gasket

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I was swapping the head gasket in my 90 Voyager last night, and got it all put back together, with fresh oil and water/antifreeze. I started it up, and it was running a little rough, but I got it to start and idle, but then it developed a knock somewhere. Once I realized that there was oil leaking out the back of the motor somewhere, and it was smoking like a frieght train, I shut it down. The oil was coming from the block up to the turbo. I fixed it up, and it started again, but it was still smoking, and still knocking. I wont be able to look at this until xmas, but I have plans to drive from California to Illinois in this van to help my friend save a TON of $$ moving out here. I want to know that this will make the trek.
Any one have any ideas?
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I figured out the issue with the smoke. The oil return line from the turbo was not back on the tube into the block, and it was spewing oil all over the ground, as well as up into the intake, and causing all the smoke. The knock went away, after I fixed that. Hoping I did not do a shitload of damage to the valvetrain.
All together, I lost about 3 quarts of oil, by trying to find the leak by trial and error. After a quart was lost, I would add another, so it was never below a quart low.
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