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My odometer doesn't work and the speedometer jumps a lot. Anyone have a link in here to fix this? Heard I have to pull the cluster and do some sodering. Thanks, in advance, TSgt Jeff Bobela, Ret.

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The speedometer issue sounds like a cracked solder joint/poor connection on/at the instrument cluster.
Cracked solder joints are common and usually affect the Tach causing it to jump around or become inoperative, not the speedometer.
You will need to remove the cluster and reflow all of the solder joints on the clusters printed circuit board,
If you want/need more info Please feel free to ask.

The odometer being inop is also a very common problem with an easy fix, everybody that has owned one of these cars for any length of time has had to repair an inoperative odometer.
The speedometer is electric and it drives the odometer mechanically through a set of gears, the gears break.
You can buy replacement gears here...
There is also a video leading you step by step through the gear replacement.
Just one note, the location of the 4 screws that hold the faceplate on changed in 1990, they are located on the front at each corner, you will have to slowly/carefully pull back the corners of the face to access them.

INTERIOR-90-95 AG-AJ Cluster Removal.jpg IMG_NEW.jpg IMG_0001_NEW.jpg IMG_0002_NEW.jpg
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