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91 swap to 87 chassis

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Going to be swapping the complete drivetrain from my wrecked 91 Lebaron GTC convertible into the body of my 87 Lebaron coupe. Wondering what all is going to need to be changed/modified to make this happen.

As far as dropping the actual drivetrain in, I think I just need to pull the engine/trans as one piece out of the 91, swap the front and side engine mounts to the pre90 (89 and older) style and drop it in correct?

Does anything have to be done with the side transmission mount for the 568?
Do I have to bolt on a different style side transmission mount to mate it to an 87 body? I know apparently some modification is required to drop a 523/568 into an L body.

Also as far as engine wiring, any suggestions? I was contemplating modifying the 91's SBEC harness to mate to the 87's stock dash-back harness with a ~87 stock large firewall connector.

That should be pretty much it correct? Any input, suggestions?
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Hey Dave, I also am curious to see what this thread turns up because I am doing about the same thing. I picked up a wrecked 92 GTC with 70k on the clock and also an 85 Lancer ES with a blown motor and perfect body.
I am also debating on the electronics, should I run the 92 stuff or I might even have a 87ish T2 comp and harness buried in the garage somewhere.
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