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92 Spirit R/T Rad/Intcolr Set $180 OBO

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Seriously Folks,

Complete down to the fan and overflow bottle...make an offer if you think that's too high.
If you've wanted one of these,now is the time! No reserve! High offer wins it! Get this thing out of here! :thumb:

+ shipping from 60436

Vinny :D
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Vinny said:
Where in Ont.?

Burlington,Ontario. Postal code, L7L-5E3
If you are willing it to sell the fan and overflow bottle separately, please lmk. If that is in Can, I may consider buying the whole thing.
Sorry,but I can't separate the pieces...it's a unit.

According to my highly technical scale (the one in my bathroom) it weighs-in somewhere between 26-28 lbs with no packing material...so figure at least 2,and as many as 4-5 pounds more in foam, tape, and cardboard.

Yup,that's right,I pack 'em the way I'd want someone to pack MY stuff...

Yo JrVipr,

Looks like Burlington,ON will cost you approximatly $35.00 for shipping...

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