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98 neon speaker question

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anyone know the size of the front speakers in a 98 neon.....i believe they are 6.25. i would just pull the door interior off and look, but thats my second question, how do i get the wiper handle off?....
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6 1/4" It's an oddball size, but there are several aftermarket options. To pull the crank handle off you need a tool called (oddly enough) a window crank handle removal tool.
damn...any way around the window handle removal tool thingy?.....screwdriver and a hammer maybe?....
The Haynes manual for 1st gen neons says that you can use a rag to remove the crank handles on the Neon, but i never had luck at that.
i just looked at the window handles and i cant even see any clip holding it on there...i pushed the panel in almost an inch and there doesnt even seem to be anything holding that stupid handle on there....huh. guess ill pick up a tool from work and give it a whirl...i just wish i knew what i was trying to get off, so i could figure a cheaper way...lol....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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