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A 604 41te problem´s

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Hi everyone,After my tranmission broke last year i replaced it with another transmission with ecu on drivers side. the transmission work's great until i drive like 10mile´s and when coming to a complete stop the transmission goed into 2nd and stay's there limp in.

a friend of mine Helped me with the transmission and he filled it up with 5Liter´s of atf4 and 1liter atf 3. After searching I figured out it needs 8.9 liters,and the Atf 3 would add air and bubble´s into the transmission. so i know i need to change Filter and add 9Liters of new atf 4

I also had the car taken to a garage and readit it out with snap on, while driving the snap on display showed everything gears,speed,rpm´s,When it goes into the limp in mode it showed on snap on the transmission was changing Gears while still stuck into 2nd on SNap on Display it was changing gears like this (1-4-2-1-3-2-4)

It Also presented fault code's

21 22 35 36 50 52 54

21 2/4 Pressure switch circ
22 OD Pressure Switch circuit
21,22 have something to do with the oil/filter and solenoid

50-52-54 are gears error's,what Does this mean?

I Tried Chrysler Dealer's but i only hear that they dont support these cars anymore, I live in Holland

It's a 1990 Le Baron V6,I Dont know from what car the tranny came from,i bought it from a shop.
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Hi there:

I understand that you are not aware of where the replacement transmission came from. In the case of the 604, the replacement trans needs to come a similar vehicle as the one in yours. Different year models & vehicle applications will have different possible gear ratios & different coded EATX (trans controller), this is NOT the engine controller located on the drivers side of the engine bay. This the controller on the passenger side just behind the headlight assembly. The EATX has to be *flashed* to match the trans.
You're getting codes 50 52 54 which the EATX is telling you that the gear ratios in the trans do not match the ratios that the EATX is coded for. The other codes are somewhat self explained, see the attached link for the code list. PAY SPECIAL attention to code 36.
You really need the EATX for THAT new trans, or you get your original EATX flashed to match your replacement trans which, given your location, may not be the easiest thing to do. Do you still have the old trans that was in the car?

A604 Transmission Codes
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Yes i still have the original trans,but that trans has already been revised in 2000 ,and broke again last year with 40000km on it ,when i start the car the transmission got stuck in 2nd and wont come out it

also my bad i have the trans controller it came with the transmission i got confused, i changed it on the passenger side not the driver side. maybe they gave me the wrong eatx? code 36 seems bad.

Should i revise the old transmission again?
11 years & 40k of use on your original trans is a either not a great deal of use of the car, or, considerable short trips with the car.
Did you have the trans scanned before you removed it to let you know what caused the failure? Being where you are the rebuild may have not included all of the latest upgrades in the rebuild kits that are readily available here in North America.
That trans (your original) problem may not necessarily be an electrical issue.
One of the most common failures with the early 604's is the notorious ud/od snap ring failure causing Underdrive/Overdrive clutch failures.
The first generation snap ring was too thin and weak and would break causing transaxle failure. The snap ring thickness was increased and the corresponding UD/OD plate was machined down and the housing modified to accept the new ring. This update happened in the mid 90s and allowed this complaint to happen LESS often. But it was not eliminated. Towards the end of 90s the snap ring was increased in thickness AGAIN and the plate and housing modified AGAIN. This is the latest design and seems to have solved this major sore spot. This failure will cause the trans to go into *limp* mode just as yours did.
Any idea as to what a REPUTABLE rebuilder would charge you to pull the original trans apart and diagnose it for you?
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I Didnt scan the original Trans,mainly because i had a garage refres the oil and filter and 2months later it wouldnt shift anymore,after removing the old trans it was full of metal particals 9liters of oil,i think they used the wrong atf because of all those small metal particals.

The Problem in holland is nobody want to repair these transmission because there so sensitive. i asked a few companies and they would charge 1200€ only looking fore a problem inside,a rebuild would cost around 3000€

so i figured there must be the oil in my current trans, it opperate's fine until it's warm and then goes into limp mode,also when starting when its cold it has trouble finding the drive,reverse,it somethimes doesnt go into D,R,gear this must be because of the low oil.
You're really *between a rock & a hard place*. In one hand you have a known failed trans (you have the EATX that belongs to it), and in the other, a trans (possibly good, perhaps not) that more than likely has the wrong EATX attached to it.
Question: How much do you care about this car?

What you need is a known good 604 trans for YOUR vehicle application, (according to the V.I.N.....vehicle identification number), you've already seen what can happen when an unknown trans from an unknown source is installed. An over-the-counter rebuild unit here where I live (Toronto, Canada) is approx $800 (less converter), sold on an exchange basis, it might be less in the states, perhaps one or more the US forum members can offer info on that. Then, if one is found, how much will the shipping fee be to get it to you?
You need to ask yourself....How far are you willing to go where a new trans is concerned?
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