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A555 oil dam by axle seal?

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Changed axle seals on the a555 in my 24 hours of lemons 馃崑 car and noticed something. When I removed the driver side seal ( it was still the factory one with the part number on it) I noticed a thin circular piece of metal that sat between the seal and the bearing. It looked like it was designed to keep oil away from the seal. When I did the passenger side, it was a aftermarket seal and I didn鈥檛 see the same piece of metal. Was this driver side only thing or is it missing on the passenger side?
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it's only on the driver's side
the disc is there because the seal is so much closer to the diff where the passenger side moves it away from the diff with what looks like a little transmission tail housing

that disc basically prevents the rotation of the diff from pumping oil out the seal like a paddlewheel
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Its called an Oil Baffle/Slinger. Number 11. 5222256.
Very hard to find.
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