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A555 with limited slip questions

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Hey guys,

I am wanting to use an obx lsd with my a555. I know they are a perfect fit for a 520 or 523 but not for a 555. Now my main question is--I believe I need the gear ring and intermediate shaft from a 523 because I have an '89. You need a 520 gear ring and shaft for '87 and '88. Is this right?

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If you have a 89 A555, you need a 89 A520's parts.
Yes you need to use 89 parts. Really in theory though the 89 A520 pinion shaft is the same piece used in the 90-91 523's, its just got the bearing race pressed on the end of the shaft since the bearing got bigger for durability reasons. Another option would be (and this will only work on an 89 555) would be to put the input shaft + speed gears into a 523 and essentially create a small spline 568/523 hybrid.

Better shifting transmission and no BS issues of that front pinion bearing/shaft surface getting f'ed up and grenading everything. Any year 523 would work, the final drive being the only thing that makes the difference in transmissions.
Is there a sticky somewhere that explain all the tranny code, from which models they came from and what is there main difference (Gear ratios, difference in axle size, etc.)

I did a few search here and there with no luck.
I might get my old MP 2.2 fwd performance book out to see if there is some info. From what I remember, it might not bring me past the a-555!

Any help greatly appreciated.
Transmission Years
525- 84-86 manual cars (except GLHS, and l-body charger in 87)
520- TI and all manual N/A cars 87-89
555- All TII cars 87-89 (Caravan Manual is exception, very rare)
523- All N/A 4 cylinder 90-95? (was told some turbo cars)
568- Small Spline 90 only (TIV VNT daytona and TI manual cars)
568- Large Spline 91-93 TIII, TI turbo manual cars

Axle size interchange (not bodies)

520-555-568-523- All said transmissions use same size output shaft (If I remember correctly)

Shifters (not body styles, again)
525 - Only trans compatible
520-555- Reverse compatibility, can be substituted for hardware from one trans to the next
568-523- Same as above, cables and shifters are mechanically the same.

Note- Some neon shifters I am told work for the 523-568 transmissions

543- Manual transmission for all 3.0 6g72 Vehicles. Shifter same as the 523-568 cars.
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Nice, very nice!

Only missing gear ratios!:dancing:
I love this site! So on my 90 Daytona cs that has a523 with bad 2nd gear with thinking might as well upgrade . So a568 will bolt right up, cables work?
So a568 will bolt right up, cables work?
Everything will bolt up just fine but your 90 has a small spline input shaft so you would need a 90 568 or get a new large spline clutch disc if you get a 91+ 568 trans.
Here are the instructions on how to build a A555/A520/OBX hybrid. This comes straight from my garage. I just built one and except for the fact I did not get the input shaft bearing clearance correct, it works great. No more 1 wheel burnouts that munch the spider gears and pin in the diff.

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