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ac condenser

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i removed the ac condenser last fall while doing an fmic on my 91 r/t. the intercooler pipes are in the way of putting the ac condenser back in properly due to it's length. Is there a type of shop that can shorten the condenser or is there another dodge vehicle that shares the type of connection found on my stock condenser? I believe stongly in keeping my amenities :p
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Don't know about the R/T specifically, but a 2nd gen minivan condenser (narrower and a bit thicker, I think) fit nicely into my '89 Daytona Shelby (for the same purposes as you're looking for one). Had to slightly tweak the neck of one of the fittings on the condenser to meet up with my hose, but check into that option. Dirt cheap for a like-new one at the right boneyard!

EDIT: the 2nd gen part just happened to be what the van was, any minivan one would work similarly, I would think, though newer is always nice...
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