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I want to install AC in my 89 turbo caravan. I know this is a bitch of a job, so I'm prepared for that. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there that has done it that can offer any tips. I have most of the underhood stuff, and that's the easy part. I'm looking for a donor van, but might end up having to buy what I need online used, so I want to determine everything I might need and what can it come from. I'm figuring 84-90 would be a safe bet, at a glance it looks like 91-95 models wouldn't work.
I need the heater box and heater/AC control. Was the venting or ducting any different between AC and non AC Caravans? Any other little interior bits (plugs, harnesses etc) that might be required?

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Starting under hood...
Engine Controller**
A/C Clutch Relay**
Stationary Bracket for A/C
A/C Compressor**
A/C Belt Idler Pulley
A/C Belt
Crank Pulley???
Expansion Valve
Clutch Cycling Switch(s)**
Hose Assemblies
Heater Control Valve

Passenger Compartment
HVAC Control Unit** and Vacuum Harness
Heater Box
Temp Control Cable???

** Wiring Harness may be different

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Thanks Jan. I'm hoping the main harness under the dash will support the AC without too much modification. I know that on my omni for example there are differences in the dash and center console for the vents, but I can't see that there is any difference on the mini's, at least not on the surface. Time to find the donor...
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