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Adding crap to the dynasty

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ok few questions, first i am wondering wre do i connect the tach sensing wire on a 1991 dodge dynasty le with the 3.3l v6 with DIS. Second i have a overhead console from a 1989 dodge caravan es. and im wondering how to wire it into m dynasty, i got it somewhat mounted but im having problems keeping it from falling because it slides into the top of the headliner and it keeps sliding out do to the flimsy headliner, but i can fix that on my own, im wonder how to hook up the display so i can see the temprature, and which direction im going, and any other feature the console has i just need to find out what each wire is for.

These are the wire colors


this is what the colors are from memory and any information would be helpful, and just to let you know the van is going to the junkyard soon so if i need anything out of it i would like to know what i need and were to find it pretty soon.

Thanks in advance
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o well dndt work to well, i ended up using an aftermarket time/temp/direction thing and mounting it over the display
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