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Adjusting stock bobble strut?

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Ok. I did a search and came up with nothing and neither my Haynes nor Mopar Performance book mention this part. I'm wondering how tight the top nut for the stock bobble strut needs to be. It seems it can be real tight and squash the rubber bushings or looser allowing more play but I don't know where it optimally should be. Please help! Thanks
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I can check my FSMs tonight, but it seems there is a torque value. The sleeve inside is supposed to be tightly held. It is probably the same as the front motor mount.
Hey man, did you find out if there is a torque for the nut? If so, I'm not even sure I'd be able to get my long 1/2" torque wrench in there. Its pretty tight. Thanks :)
Finally found it, it's not in the torque specs, just in the picture of remove replace with all the bolts called out. 40 ft-lbs per Ma Mopar.
Thanks for the help! :thumb:
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