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Hi, I'm a newbie...just picked up a '05 SRT-4 w/ 40k mi on it. I noticed though, when I was test driving the car, a set of toggle switches in between the rear window defogger and 12V power outlet below the cd/radio unit. When I asked the stealer at the car stealership, he said, "Oh, I think those are stock", but I kinda stopped asking him stuff after that cause I was pretty sure he didn't really know much.

The switches appear as follows, from left to right: 1) a blue switch with what a rectangle w/ 2 sets of dots that look like something spraying towards the center of the rectangle on the inside left and inside right of the rectangle...flicking this down turns on a blue LED mounted into the dash under the stock boost gauge, 2) a scroll wheel that turns from zero thru three, and 3) a red switch with a gas pump and "100 +" written on it, which turns on a red LED under the boost gauge when pressed.

Does anyone know what these are/do?:Noob:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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