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air charge sensor?

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i have an 86 turbo 1 and am converting to late style manifold and what not all that good stuff and i hear i have to tap and thread a hole for an air charge temp sensor? is that true? necessary?
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free bump. im doing the same thing. i have extra plugs now that dont fit and i believe one of them is the air charge sensor ( on the back of a 2 peice intake)...... some one help us out.....

Yes, the Air Charge Temperature Sensor is needed with the intercooled setup. Funny, my 85 T1 had the sensor...they must have gotten rid of it with the 86 T1 setup.

The charge temperature sendor from chrysler is physically different from the coolant temperature sensor, but both function identically. The two sensors are interchangeable.

A one piece later T1 setup will need to be drilled and tapped to accepted the charge temperature sensor. Be aware that I have come across two plug styles, both very similar but not compatible. Both styles looked like (and probably are) GM 2 wire weather pack connectors (one with radii, the other with different size slots.

I just completed an 85 T1 conversion to a 87ish T2 setup.
i actually just removed one from a 86 SC log intake and threaded it right into the hole for the 2 peice intake.... no splicing wires for me,,,, atleast for that

wait, for 87 electronics, T1 converting to TII does anyone know if the air charge sensor is there in the wiring harness? Someone told me it wasn't; however from what the dodge garage says, the sensor is there, but you may just have to drill and tap a hole? Anyone know about this??
on alot of newer cars that have these sensors people move them further away from the engine so that it reads colder air. would it benifit to put them in the intercooler pipe or somewhere in the piping.
my 86 has an air charge,and i know the latr style t1 intake manifold has a spot for it i wus just wondering if it was possible to just connect it and leve it hangin
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