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Air Conditioning/heater duct problem

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My aunt has a 89 Lebaron turbo 2.5 that she bought new. The car only has about 60,000 original miles on it. She is having a problem getting air through the panel and split level.

When she presses the panel and split level buttons she gets NO air/heat. She does get air/heat through the defrosters and floor. She claims that she doesn't get much through the floor or defroster but they do work somewhat. I checked it out briefly and thought they worked OK.

She went to two mechanics and got two different answers:
Mech 1 says the air condition/heater control unit is bad.
Mech 2 says the panel ducts are clogged.
Who's right? Any thoughts?

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Sounds like the vacuum hose has failed. Or possibly the door in the ducting is stuck.
I had the same thing in my 89 Daytona...replaced the control head (Temp control, with sliders,buttons etc.) that was not it, then thought it was vac related...was not. Had to: Remove dash fascia,radio,message center/boost guage, then reach waaaaaaaay back into the guts of the central dash, and found that the main "flapper" which should activate under vacuum to make the dash/middle vents work, was broken. So...Instead of pulling the entire dash, I bundle tied the flapper valve to the (now permanent) open postion. Saved my butt when I needed AC recently! So...if its not vacuum related (hose coming off the brake booster) chances are, thats what it is...good luck! :thumb:
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