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an oldy but a goodie

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That was really good!!!

really fun to screw with people that think they "know about cars" that you know don't. My workers, the import kids in there 20s. Got them going half way through this before they started getting questions lol. By the second half they are really pouring on the BS and 99% get it. But fun to watch people at first when they think it's real, riot.
Funny...I got a giggle while I was adjusting my tubular exhaust extractor bearing assemulators....LOL!
It's a common head code... anyone can catch it.
Very enlightening but I felt the should have also tested the interositer module while doing the burp test.This was included in the latest TSB
showed it to my brother. He followed it for 5 minutes before realizing it was stupid he wasn't lol. At first it can suck a noob in pretty good, but not for long lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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