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Shortly, we are going to initiate a small change to the Private Messaging system

WE are going to add a POST COUNT CLOCK to the PM system

this means a minimum number of public posts will be required before any member can use the PM system

currently we are discussing setting this number at either five or ten..

and yes , this might cause an issue for a new member with a no or low post count - WE ARE looking to see if there's a work around for this that would leave staff ONLY accessible to the low post count group

IF we set it to five posts required then posting an introduction in new members , responding once or twice and posting in this new help section will bring up your required post count fast


it seems we've had an ongoing issue with scammers answering parts wanted threads through PM

these scammers will often have a post count of ZERO

as they never post, they leave no trace of themselves and as such we the staff are unable to use our staff tool kit to deal with them

we need that space with their site name << at the left and it's drop down menu to use these tools


IF you have received any PM that seems questionable , offering you something - from a user with a ridiculously low post count - THAT PM needs to be forwarded to staff so that we may first investigate and if need be remove the user
BUT WE NEED THAT DROP DOWN that will be part of the PM when it is forwarded to us

simply telling us about it won't help

IF IN DOUBT forward the PM DIRECTLY to me

and , I have been watching "who's online"
I note a number of low post count users using the PM system

we really don't want to interfere in your private conversations or relationships but we need to eliminate this "work around" the scammers can use

and , if you've been ripped off contact staff
there may not be much we can do but we do want to know if there's a user developing a bad reputation
this only happens IF you tell us when you've had an issue
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