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Another one bites the dust!

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Edit: Damn, this turned out long... sorry :thumb:

So on my way home (with the Sundance) after some hot chocolate (Yes, at Tim Hortons) I take the "main drag" through town instead of the fast way. I guess I'm looking for trouble, and trouble I found. I get a light with a mid-ish 80s Toyota RWD Corrolla/Celica type of vehicle, rice cannon and 4 people in it.

I guessed he'd race, but I didn't tach it up for the launch so I rolled into it in first, pullling on him with some tire spinnage, and rocket away from him through second gear. I'm already waiting at the next light, they pull up looking over the car and the driver says something to the effect of, "Your lucky I had 4 people in my car, you wanna let me drop them off and race again?". I've never actually been "asked" to race, normally its just a little stoplight run here and there. I tell him "If you really think you can win...". He replies, "Lets go then, I'll be sideways the whole f'ing time!".

We keep cruising for quite awhile and catch a light, I look over and he's unloading his passengers right there!! Naturally there is a cop coming the opposite direction and the light, so we take it slow and do a U-turn further up and we come back to the same light we were just at. He's revving his engine obnoxiously for the whole red light thinking it'll give him the "edge".

We see the lights turn yellow and we tach it up for our light, it seems to take ages so I drop my revves slightly - bad idea, he totally got the holeshot as I bogged it, then roasted tires in first gear as boost hit. He got about a half car length jump but as I hit second gear and hooked (My tires are useless in first, but it hooks into second) and I start reeling him in, passing him (smiling at him, of course) but he doesn't seem to wanna give up so I keep into it awhile and gain a couple car lengths on him. Going a "smidge" over the speed limit (ok, quite a bit) I get hard on the brakes to get back into the legal range. Looks like I won, his car wasn't slow by any means... just no match is all!

He doesn't catch back up to me, he does a U-ball in the middle of the road (not even an intersection) and takes off to pick up his friends. Well, about two seconds after I saw him do that, I pass a cop going the opposite direction as me (who is now following the Toyota who just did an illegal maneuver right in front of a cop). I wait for the cop to turn the cherries on, wait... wait... it didn't look like the cop was going to do anything... then back in the distance I see the cherries light up - PWNED! :D
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HAHAHAH HE got double ownage slaped in his face
I ran into this kid again on my way home tonight, looked like he was trying to bait a little Honda into racing to boost his ego again. I managed to roll past him with a big grin on my face, he had a very bleak smile looking back at me. :D
Man, seeing those flashing lights just makes your heart stop! That sucks for him, double sweet for you though LOL :thumb:
After a race one night (That I won by the way..) I was on the way home and I passed a cop and I was rollin about 65 in a 45. I saw him throw on the lites about half a mile back and when he did I hammered it cut through the black neiborhood and slung my 93 in the driveway and waited to see if he was close enough to follow me. I thought for sure I was gonna get it the next day cuz I have the only electric blue 93 Daytona in the whole county but I escaped it. lol
I have another V6 engine (the blown one that came out of my car) luckly the only thing that was harmed was the oil pan no visible damage to the block. Im gonna put it in my shop and see what all ways I can juice it up. Im gonna get a S-AFC and put a supercharger on it so I can keep up with the TD's lol. In all honesty I have never seen a 3.0 as fast as the one I had. My brother has a Nissan Frontier (supercharged dessert runner with 210hp) and he ran me one day and off the line id bore him a new one but 45mph to 70 was dead even then I would shift to 4th and he would slighty pull away.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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