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Okay so I got the Lancer back together.
Needless to say after running a pitiful 2-3psi on a blown HG and cracked exhaust runner, she feels like a behemoth compared to before.
Looking for anybody's 2 cents on crank or wheel power with mod's listed below.
Other people are usually more conservative, and I'm way too cheap to dyno the daily. I'm going to throw the old mans iPhone in her on wednesday, I found an app that uses the internal gyro to predict wheel power under acceleration, but you just know it's going to be wicked off seeing as there are so many variables (road condition, AOA, temp, etc.)

87' Lancer (non Shelby or ES) 2600lbs.
-Stock 2.2 T1 bottom end.
-A413 turbo 3-speed, fresh ATF and a big ass trans cooler.
-Fresh 782 casting with some port work on the intake (floors lowered a little and smoothed) and back cut valves.
-Stock Log intake (media blasted inside and out, no scale)
-Stock exhaust manifold (also media blasted)
-New T3 center section, housings media blasted and polished to a shine inside.
-89' Roller cam 228, .430, -4'.
-A/C Delete.
-180' thermostat w/ 1/16th hole mod.
-FWD-Performance 12lb. cal.
-DO alky injection (50/50 by weight) 2.7gph, comes on @7psi when the ECU begins to bleed.
-NGK plugs gaped to .035.
-Base Time set to 12', but I may bump to 14' as the alky is probably good to close to 18psi and I'm on 12.
-91 octane pump gas (also probably overkill with the alky, but just to be safe)
-Not that it matters but the intake adapter on the compressor housing and the stock 42mm TB were also polished.

I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 160-175hp at the crank, feels a lot torquier than my Dad's CSX-T w/12lbs. so maybe 175-190lb./ft.

Anybody bored, avoiding work, waiting for something to load/unfreeze want to make a guess?

I'll post the iPhone prediction on Wednesday...

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-Stock 2.25" SW, into 2.5" DP, into 2.5" test-pipe up to axle, into 2.25" mandrel pipe over axle into high flow muffler.
-K&N filter for stock air-box.

I think your pretty dead on my friends iPhone predicts 144hp and 178lb/ft. at the wheels @ 3500rpm. Having trouble with traction throughout a pull and I'm only revving to 4k cause I hate to beat on her. Either way I tend to agree.
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