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Any Miami member's

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i recently acquired an 87 shelby turbo its completely built top to bottom and its fast as shit.. want to know if any meets or hangouts in Miami so i can see and converse with other that know more about these mopar's, thanks, chris
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I'm in Miami. By where are you?? I've been meeting with a car club for a bit now. They are called SSP. They meet every other Thursday at 8p. This Thursday the 11th, they should meet if you wanna go. It's at the Sports Grill on 9090 SW 97th Ave.

By the way, I have a '89 CSX.

Hope to see you there.
ok i'll swing by tomorrow i'll take the 87 shelby charger out there..
Sounds great man. See you at 8p then.
are you still there?? i forgot im about to head out know? text me 786 487 3024
Hey Chris, it was great to see you and your car out there. Maybe you can bring the T next time around. I'd like to see that too.
hey i am in north miami and it is at lease 6 more TDer that i hang out with and we are planing to hang out early next year lets all hook up
I'm one of those six guys that Slow-Poke is talking about. We are mostly from the Kendall to Ft. Lauderdale area. We'll keep people posted as to what weekend we throw our little event together. The more...the merrier.
Hello in Cutler bay area I have 85 glh would like 2 know the next meet. Some give me a shout! Thanks
Building up an 88 omni in Kendall, FL. I‘ve been in the turbo dodge world off and on since about 1998.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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