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Any TD in Tampa area?

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Hi how many td are out in the Tampa area? I just got back into TD.:thumb:
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Plant City here, working on fixin up my 91 Shelby Daytona!!!
Plant City here, working on fixin up my 91 Shelby Daytona!!!
I bought my Shelby Daytona new in 91. Was going to start a year and a half ago having it restored but something came up that sucked up my funds? Do you do your own work? I know practically nothing about the mechanics of cars. It is starting to get very expensive to maintain it. 159,000 miles. I am 71 and retired in Ruskin. If you know anyone who has a good handle on 91 Shelby Daytonas, please let me know. Plant City is not too far to drive for repairs if someone knows what they are doing. Good luck. Florida Roy
I'm in Dunedin and have an '87 Shelby Charger GLHS clone. I bought it a few years ago to do the GRM Challenge and finally took it this year. Car runs and drives but I'm still fighting an electrical gremlin in the engine wiring harness.
I finally found a good Bodyman in Tampa! GLHS #117 will hopefully be finished and plated which means ON THE ROAD(!) in the spring!
Orange Spitfire, where are you located in Wesley Chapel? Im just off 54 near meadow point area. Also have an 87 GLHS and 87 CSX.

Wow! I'd love to see them! I live over in Angus Valley, out by the Sweet Bay..... not the prettiest area, but it allows me to have 15 cars and 6 British motorcycles! :)
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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