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anybody with a Green IROC R/T, can you get me the paint code numbers??

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I should be getting a Red Iroc R/T soon, but I absolutely hate red. I loved my Black one, but i dont know if i want another black one. I wondered if anybody had the paint color code for the Green on the Few Iroc R/Ts in 93. Might do a 92 in that same green if i can get the color code. anybody who can be of help please post or pm me
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if thats a for certain code, then i might look into getting my friend to get me enough for my whole car, engine compartment, jams, etc etc and i wont be doing a 1 stage paint, my black had a repaint in 1 stage and it just wasnt great
Green was the most common color of r/t's in 93. I still think it looks good, just thought I would let you know.
few or common in 93, wont be common if its on a 92 so i think thats good enough if i dont do black, the green i have only seen 1 for sale and heard of 2 others i think.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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