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anyone using computer for boost control above stock psi?

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anyone running 10+ psi WITHOUT using a seperate boost controller? (bleed, grainger valve, etc..)

i.e. letting the computer control the wastegate as god intended?

for instance a stage 3 computer from fwdperformance?

i couldnt get mine to work..which is why i used a grainger valve, which works great actually
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yeah i run 20 psi without a boost controller, with the stage 5 computer
".....i couldnt get mine to work........."

then you have a prob w/ your cal, i'm sorta sure you might realize this. i've got a 3bar TU cal and can achieve 20 psi boost (exactly what the cal is written for) with only the cal controlling the wastegate, however, it isnt as aggresive as using an MBC.
i also have the 3 bar map sensor and the billet wastegate actuator but before the actuator i had some problems, if thats what you mean
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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