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Aries K 1988 - Modify for fun

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Hi guys and girls

I am defineitely new to the idea of modifying cars but I think I would like to do it for fun.

Here we go:

I have a 2 door Silver LE model. I want to eventually put a turbo in but before that where do I start? I want to hear all your ideas!

I want to make this thing as peppy as possible but affordable at the same time. I realize somethings you just have to spend the cash!

Thanks in advance!
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Check out the "Carburetted and TBI-Injected" forum a ways down to see some threads on what some people have done with the TBI set-up.

Required Reading: http://www.thedodgegarage.com/ (Turbo Database: read and re-read) You'll find a page there about doing the turbo conversion and if you use the search function here, you'll find explicit info on how to do the swap, parts needed, and even problems and triumphs of those who've gone that route. There's a wealth of info around, do some research.

Tune Up!!!

I am getting the car tuned up and all fluids changed.

Any first steps you would take in making the car more peppy?

I am not a mechanic so any info and/or explanation is appreciated.

I enjoyed the site but I am not that technical. If we were talking computers I would be ok!


That is one of several threads in the Carburetted/TBI forum with various ideas and pros/cons. That's why I said research - you have to know the questions to ask before you ask for the answers! As for being a mechanic, you're going to have to be willing to learn or be very limited as to what you can accomplish (assuming you don't want to drop lots of money on mechanics for relatively little gain in a k-car).

We do have good step-by-step resources for upgrades if you know what you want to do and you have some tools.

We're very friendly and helpful here, and there is tons of info already discussed in other threads (i.e. the non-turbo to turbo swap question is asked several times a day and has been addressed endless # of times).

Exhaust seems to be popular and simple enough upgrade, though it won't help you as much as on a turbo car. Hopefully, you can get away with bending an emissions law or two...other than that and maybe a good air filter, you're not going to find too much in the way of non-invasive upgrades.

Perhaps a fellow TBI-er will chime in with more of what you're looking for - otherwise, go find it! Good luck!
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