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Arrrg! Cooling problem is back on the S

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Someone please help me! Last winter the head gasket finally gave way. The car set for awhile and I saved up some money. I redid everything....I even purchased a new head from FWD. I am now 3500 miles in and except for the fuel pump not keeping up I thought things were working flawless.(Im still using the conversion kit from FM....Ordering the 255 soon) Today (its super swampy hot) and I notice that the temp gauge was rising a bit higher than usual. When I got home I heard that sound that dreadful sound of bubbling into the overflow. Just to fill everyone in
1 When I bought the car some idiot had put the wrong head gasket on the car...closing off some ports. (original problem that I thought had plagued me) thought that I would avoid any problem and just buy a new head-
2 Im using new radiator cap, and new themostat (which even if failing would stay wide open)
3 I even added a small air scoop for air flow (I hate rice but it is funcional!) moved the battery to the back and pulled filter onto tray.
4 Had the radiator recored...cleaned stock intercooler
5 Ive even bought a bigger fan and wired it to run constant
6 To be extra careful I even took the head in to the machine shop when he was porting and polishing everything else. I was not real happy with what showed up form FWD and I wanted to be on the safe side.
7 It only seems to do this on hot hot hot days but what gives? I have not even bought or installed AC so I am sure it would make it even worse.

Has anyone else encoutered the same problem? The car is an 86-2.2, S60 grangered, 3 inch Dynomax no cat, bored 30 over/forged,+40, under drive with no AC, SB filter, bigger electric fan....and I am sure a bunch of stuff that I cant remember because of my frustration! My wife is already pissed that I have stuck so much money in the car. I had to promise that she could run her at the track this summer....If I don't figure this out with limited amount of money she will be driving Christine (my wife calls the car that) most of the summer...I guess Im whipped by both my girls. I will be eternally grateful for any and all suggestions that are offered. I remain a very dissapointed and sad #84GLHS.
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Sorry this was posted in this section....bad me!
First off, there is only two headgaskets for our cars so the wrong one couldn't be installed, the gasket does close off some ports!

What thermostat are you using? You should use a 180 with a 1/16 bleed hole drilled in. IF a thermostat fails, they stick CLOSED-unless its one of those special stay open units!
Have you changed out the UD pulley and tried the stocker? The UD slows the waterpump down which will affect coolant and heat transfer!
Try to create a air dam underneath the rad to direct air into it!
Add waterwetter or similiar coolant additive, they really do work.
Thats all I can think of for now!
Thankyou Turbovanman! I had inquired a while ago and I was told that the underdrive would not effect the pump......which I thought sounded odd as I assumed it would slow down. Yes the thermostat is one of those special ones and it is a 180. I will try your suggestions and see what happens. By the way I have never changed the alt. while using the underdrive...voltage drops around town, are the underdrive units even worth messing with? I have heard different opionions in regard to HP (which I always look at in a conservative way) Once again thanks for the input, I remain a hopeful #84GLHS
They say there worth using but if they give you problems, then there not, lol! If you alternator isn't charging very well at idle, I think you've found your problem. I think the giveaway is that you've got the fan on 24/7 and it doesn't work so that would say to me the coolant isn't moving fast enough thru your engine!
I am having a similar problem with 87 GLHS 911. Car has been flawless all winter but now that the temps are getting back into the 80's, she runs hot at highway speeds and when applying boost. Pull over and idle and the temp drops down. Had the radiator rodded out but did not help. I am thinking possibly a restriction in the block or hoses from the radiator prior to the radiator rod job. Tried the coolant additive also with no success. Going to try some superflush next to hopefully unrestrict the problem. What are the chances I received the waterpump that turns bass-ackwards from normal. I know they put them on some of the 2.2's and mine is the cheap AutoZone one. I never paid much attention to it when I rebuilt the motor. Just assumed it was the correct direction impellar on the pump. ???HMMM???
I think that it would be doubtful, it would overheat very fast with the pump turning the wrong way, but I could be wrong!
Hey #911 it sure is frustrating isnt it? I am going to try "Turbovanman's" suggestions and am keeping my fingers crossed. It got up to around 90 the other day and the car seemed to be working fine.....It just doesnt make since. Anyway keep me posted on what you find out-and I will do the same. I would bet there are lots of us who have faced these same cooling problems-
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