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Back in action

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Finally have a TD parked in the driveway again. Just got back from a 16 hour round trip to pick this up in Pensacola. As you can tell, the original owner might have been a bit meticulous in keeping EVERY receipt and even the original keytag. (Keytag says it's a GTC, but afaik, they didn't make a GTC until 89)
1988 Lebaron Convertible Turbo 5 Speed
Burgundy leather interior
Burgundy convertible top
White parade boot

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Nice LeBaron! How many miles on it? How much?
196k on the clock, remanufactured Jasper engine installed @ 127k.

Some surface rust forming on the body due to living on the beach for the past 7 years, but underside is mint. Picked it up for $2k
There was a "GT Convertible" in '88. To be honest, I have no idea what that means. But every one I've seen has been a fully-optioned premium model with turbo engine and manual trans. They also said "LeBaron GT" or "Turbo GT" or something like that on the side of the door across the rubber bump strip.

Anyways, very nice car. I miss mine sometimes (also white with a black top).
My very first car was a 94 GTC, so they have always had a special place in my memories. Been looking for months, if only this was a 90+ for the updated interior, it would have been perfect.
Well, this is starting off real well. They guy I bought the car from said it had a fuel issue and he had dropped the tank to test the fuel pump. After making the 8 hour drive there, he said he never put the fuel filler neck back... no big deal right? Went out there today to put it back in, pulled it out of the garbage bag it was wrapped up in to find he cut the damn thing in half to get it out.... fml
Ouch. You could probably use a heavy gauge radiator hose to splice the pieces back together until you get it home. Something from a box truck or tractor might work.
So you drove it all the way home with no filler neck? :eek:

You should be able to find a replacement pretty easily.
Naw, I trailered it home. Pretty much drove right past your house on the way to Pensacola. Lol
Couldn't have driven it if i wanted to, i guess he dropped the tank to check the pump and was in a hurry because he also cut all the rubber fuel lines near the tank :-(
Looks like you got yourself a 88 Lebaron Turbo GTC. Yes they made a 88 GTC. All were Turbo I cars. It was a limited edition car. All were white with the white wheels. Coupe or Convertible. The 88 Lebaron Turbo GTC looks just like the 89 Lebaron Turbo GT except the 89 cars had white snowflake wheels on them.
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