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Well its been a while since I have been in the whole turbo dodge mood and decided to get my sundance running again. It's been sitting in the driveway for about 2 years with a bad fuel pump and a broken rim.

I haven't been keeping up with current trends and am not to familiar with the custom cals so was wondering if someone could fill me in on a few things.

Ill first start out with the current setup:
1990 Plymouth Sundance RS
2.5l T1/ 5 speed manual
Balance Shafts removed
Stock Mitsu Turbo w/ 3 inch exhaust from the downpipe back.
stock I/C out of a Daytona
1st Gen. Talon BOV
Cone style Air filter
Stock fuel pump and injectors. Added adjustable fuel pressure reg.
Zener diode on the map sensor.
Grainger valve set to 14psi

Current Plans for the car:
Upgrade turbo to Garret.
Performance fuel pump(already purchased)
Higher flowing injectors
A tad more boost.

Now here is where my questions come in?

What exactly does a custom cal offer over the stock computer?

When running a custom cal do you give back operation of the boost control to the computer or is still determined by a manual boost controller?

With the setup that I have planned is it really worth purchasing a custom cal. or can I just tune the car my self, and still have good drivability?

What size injectors?

If anyone can think of something that I may have missed in my current plans please feel free to chime in. My plan for the car is going to be every other day driver, and a few trips to the strip every now and then.



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A custom cal the computer will control the boost, no manual boost control needed (which is adventageous as the computer will be able to read boost pressure and adjust fuel and other things as necessary).
If you don't plan on running any more boost than 14 psi (your current injectors may work, but they're getting close to being maxed out on the current 55 psi fuel pressure. If you're going to run more than 14 psi boost you'll need larger injectors or an extra injector. You can run with the current computer, but it will take some tuning to maximize your power. I guess it all depends how fast you want to go.

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Your set up sounds fun!

You should be ok to 14 with your stock injectors, use the AFPR and if necessary, you can give it a tad more fuel. You won't need the Zener for 14 psi but you might want to run it in case your boost spikes.
You can't run bigger injectors on a stock cal, will run pig rich, unless you turn the fuel pressure down but then you negate the effects of the larger injectors, lol!
Custom cal is the way to go, he changes tons of stuff and you can use the MBC if you want, I am doing that as its easier than wiring up a switch.

BIG ASS warning--- 2.5's love to crack pistons, make sure to run a air/fuel guage, egt guage and good octane gas. This is again where the custom cal comes into play, you can have your boost set for low octane gas, there awesome!
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