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bad knock on daytona

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my daytona has been giving me some problems sence i bought it the other day it gets this real bad knock when it gets reved past 2 grand. any one know how to fix this? (i checked codes but all i got was code 12 and 41)
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Reved as in free reved/neutral/clutch in? If so, you're not going to see any codes from that, as it is probably caused by a bearing issue (whether is be internal to the engine, or a pump/alternator bearing).

If you mean knock as in detonation/pinging when driving, then first see how much boost you're running.
Have you checked your oil pressure, could have a rod or main bearing shot!
lametec said:
then first see how much boost you're running.
as of now its a non turbo i am about to convert it to a turbo
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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